ROSE School of Differently Able

Jajpur District is undergoing huge transformation and change because of rapid pace of industrialization and consequential problems and maladies involved in the process. It is a world wide experience that industrialization brings in lots of social problem because of displacement, change in the culture of the society, huge social mobilization, disease, accident and other social phenomena etc. These problems, though are not seemingly visible to common man is eye; it can be seen through the lens of the social activists, sociologists and social thinkers.

In these consequences, the same thing can be told about the children who need care and protection. Out of various vulnerable groups of children, Mental Retardation (MR) children are needs to be taken extra care and protection significantly. The degree of suffering of handicapped, MR children and their vulnerable are needs no elaboration. A pair of beseeching eye can see a large number of MR children in the district of Jajpur. In the mean time, the district has no MR specialized school for development of the MR children of the district.

Service render to children with disability and juveniles in the need of care and protection and that is the reason for which a special school for MR children at Jarka, Jajpur, Odisha has been opened in 2009 in the name of ROSE- (Residence of Secured Existence) - a School of Differently Abled by ama adh!kar and a group of similar likeminded social thinkers and developmental activists.

More than 89 Mental Retardation (MR) children of nearby villages are getting free residential schooling and fooding at ROSE. Teacher and staff of the school are taking the full care of these children for their all round development in a single campus. Other co-curricular activities are also undertaken by the school of ROSE.

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